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Explaining progressive web apps (PWAs)

You must be sometimes woundering what are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)? and how is it different from other applications?

PWAs are built using same HTML, CSS and javascripts and always run & install inside web browser. PWAs basically challenges native apps which are installed inside smartphones though app stores of ios and android. Since PWAs are accessed via web browser hence its easier to update them as there is nothing like taking permission from 3rd party app stores & going through complex process.

These applications can also be indexed in search engines.. We understand that mobile/native apps are installed via app stores and are platform specific but now you will ask how its different from web applications? Basically when you open the url of your pwa application in a web browser (desktop) you will get an option to install it from control. Try google meet ie. and then from controls you will see option to install google meet. You mayalso see install icon near address box. Doing so will greate a shortcut in your desktop. Similarly in mobile you will get option to add to home screen and just like any playstore apps you will be able to open PWA appliction. You may also try and figure out install twitter button. Once you install shortcut to this twitter app will show in desktop. If you open the same url in browser you will see a shortcut to open pwa app directly from web browser.

PWA uses web application manifest for specifying app icons, name, url, color and other configurations & service workers (for offline features). Also when pwa apps open they do not show unnecessary tools of browser making it more like app. Also PWA are very light weight since it basically uses html, javascript and css. Hence basically PWA is a website/web app with native like experience in your device with the help of web browser with the ability to work offline with advance features.


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