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Scaffolding in Programming

A scaffold is a temporary structure or work platform used for holding people, materials etc while making a building. This entire framework is called scaffolding. In programming also we have…

All about HTTP Status Codes

The browser sends request to the server for a specific url. And server responds with a three digit http status code which indicates whether the request is fulfilled or not.…

Understanding various desktop environments in linux

Basically we have to understand what is a desktop environment (DE)?Its basically a graphical shell made up of icons, windows, toolbars, folders, wallpapers and desktop widgets. Its basically a particular…

Explaining progressive web apps (PWAs)

You must be sometimes woundering what are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)? and how is it different from other applications? PWAs are built using same HTML, CSS and javascripts and always…

CMS Explained in a simple manner

CMS ie Content Management System is basically a web application which helps users to manage contents in a website. By managing means, it helps to add/edit/delete contents and modify/upload images,…
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Site Redesigned

We have recently redesgined the site.  Stay Tuned for more updates.