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MERN / MEVN / MEAN Stack vs Full Stack Developer

You must have heard about MEAN stack and Full Stack developer? Do you really know the difference?

Previously in the past you must have heard about LAMP Stack developers. And yes WAMP stack and MAMP stack as well. All these terms are interrelated.
A web stack/web application stacks is basically compilation of softwares that is used to build web applictions/websites. These softwares can be a OS, webservice, database backend and scripting language(interpreter)

Hence for LAMP stack we have Linux OS, Apache Server, MySQL Database, PHP.
Similarly for WAMP stack we have Windows, apache, Mysql and php, althought this term was less popular. Similarly for MAMP stack the os would be mac os.
Also we had LEMP stack too where E stands for Engine X (Nginx instead of apache).

Now lets come back to the current stacks developers. Let me go straight

MEAN Stack Developer refers to
M(MongoDB), E(Express, basically a framework used in node.js). A (Angular for frontend), N (Node.js for service side)

Full Stack Developer
Full Stack Developers has skills in a wide variety of coding niches. This guy sort of knows multiple frontend and backend technologies or can easily adapt to work on multiple technologies to find a solution for you.

Sometimes there might be full stack developers specific to full-stack frameworks and technologies such a Java full stack, Django full stack , python full stack developer, .NET full stack, php full stack (But LAMP stack would do this job) etc.

There are other new stacks in the market esp after the arrival of frontend technologies such as react and vue.

MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Nodejs)
MEVN Stack (MongoDB, Express, Vue, Nodejs)
MEEM Stack (MongoDB, Express, Emberjs, Nodejs)

I guess this is very straight forward now & you might want to invent you own terms!!

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